[ Gin Thye ] Original Tender Pork Bak Kwa – Freshly BBQ Bak Kwa ( Minced /Sliced /Spicy ) [ 1KG ] ( Free Premium Brine/ Brasied Abalone 425g x 1 Cans [ Around 3.5cm – 4.5cm ] )

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An all-time favourite for bakkwa lovers, New Gin Thye’s signature bakkwa is handmade in Singapore. Made from top quality pork, its divine taste and supreme tenderness will leave you asking for more. Once you start, you can’t stop!

No additives and no preservatives added.


1. Bakkwa Minced 碎片肉干

2. Bakkwa Sliced 切片肉干

3. Bakkwa Minced (Spicy) 碎片肉干(辣)

4. Bakkwa Sliced (Spicy) 切片肉干(辣)


1. Minced and Sliced

2. 1KG [ Free Premium Brine Abalone 425g x 1 Cans [ Around 3.5cm – 4.5cm ]



No preservatives. Best if consumed within 2~3 days from purchased Otherwise, please store in Fridge/Freeze to maintain freshness. 本产品不含防腐剂,建议购买 2~3天后存放冰箱/冰格保鲜。

FOOD SAFETY GUIDE: STORING & HANDLING OF FRESHLY BBQ BAKKWA – All Gin Thye’s bakkwa are without added preservatives, hence please consume within 3 days of purchase unless store in Fridge/Freeze to maintain freshness. – For bakkwa that is still warm, open the packaging and let it to prevent condensation and mould. After which, store in an air-tight container. – After opening, store in an air-tight container. Store in a cool and dry environment, keep out of direct sunlight. WAYS TO REHEAT LEFTOVER/FROZEN/COLD BAKKWA – Put into oven/air fryer/pan fry for 8~10 minutes to reheat. – If prefer a softer texture, put into the steamer or rice cooker for 10 minutes to reheat.


Delivery Terms & Conditions: – Place orders at least 2 working days in advance (excluding weekends and public holidays) – NO customisation and other special requests will be accepted. – NO multiple deliveries accepted for 1 order ID. 1 order ID is valid for delivery to 1 delivery address and 1 delivery date only. – Delivery address, contact details will be scheduled as set during checkout . No office building deivery!

Delivery will be arranged within 1-3 working days of the date on order, will receive an update once ready to dispatch – Change of delivery address / date / time / contact details will not be allowed – Due to sensitive of food, re-delivery will not proceed due to customer not at home or uncontactable thus undelivered. Customer have arrange self-collection from Sembawang store or purchase an add on shipping for 2nd trip of delivery.

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Minced 1KG, Sliced 1KG, Minced Spicy 1KG, Sliced Spicy 1KG

1KG Free Abalone

Brine Abalone, Braised Abalone